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November 09, 2007



Greetings to you...visiting through a mutual friend, Wes! He seemed to think, after visiting my blog, that we might resonate some. I think he's right! We certainly have some of the same blog-friends...and your banner summarizes my life verse!


Jason Nate

Read over Alan's post that you linked, not sure I agree with him. Where is he getting this historical info from? Can I have some sources?


Hey JP,
What don't you agree with? I'm curious, especially since you've got some teaching years under your belt.
As far as sources go, try commenting on Alan's blog. He might actually provide some for you.

JP Nate


Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to dive further into this as basketball has begun for me, but I tend to agree with Moreland that actions follow belief (one will act on the beliefs of his heart) and interpret Jesus' disdain for the Pharisees as result of the fact that though their actions were solid, inside they were all messed up. One needs to clean up the insides first and the actions will follow.

I wish I had more time to respond...I'll try to comment on Alan's blog, appreciate more discourse on this.


I'm jealous of you coaching bball right now.
To respond... I do see where you're coming from. I totally agree that one's belief system and theology effects one's behavior.

I also fully agree with Hirsch in pointing out the vast difference between Hellenistic and Hebraic ways of learning. And I think he's right in that the West in which we live is far more influenced by the Hellenistic.
The problem for me with guys like Moreland and even Rob Bell for that matter (who I really enjoy), is that at the end of the day it's about reproducing little Christ's, but when the majority of folks walk away from hearing Bell give a great sermon or read Moreland's apologetics all this cognitive stuff remains in their head and their behavior goes relatively unchanged.
My hang up is in the lack of apprenticing and mentoring thats going on. It's far easier to perform a great lecture or produce good books on right thinking than get down and dirty and walk along side an individual through life high's and lows. (And I think I'm preaching to the choir here). Thats the hang up I had with my whole seminary experience. 95% of my seminary work was pure academic. Only one class had us immersed in culture and even that one we were immersed in culture with 20 other seminary students. Things didn't start getting good until I began working at Starbucks and I was one of 2 Christians out of all the baristas.
It was then that I began understanding that most of the language and forms of church I was learning at seminary wouldn't come close to translating to the people I was around every day.

This is an age old debate. And Martin Luther, in his sola fide (faith alone) actually wanted James extracted from the Bible because it says faith without works is dead.

Hirsch's article was relevant to me because in what i'm doing right now, there's lots of people with right belief sitting on their a** and not serving the hurting culture around them.

Did you read the 2 articles in succession? The one on Bell's talk followed by the Hirsch article?

Jason Nate

Looking at it from that perspective, I understand what you are saying. Sometimes we need to get out there and see what God is doing and then catch partner with it. I also agree with the rip on seminary work, mine was more of a professional MA but it still was tilted toward the academics. I know that your goal (and mine as well) isn't just to create pew-sitters, we are looking to multiply radical disciples of Christ. Maybe a paradigm shift is in order.

I've got to read the two articles and then we'll talk.

Another question I battle is the relationship between service and evangelism. I've always felt that there are times when we just need to serve others without always tying it to asking them to give their lives to Christ. But I also realize, that when it comes down to it, that is our ultimate goal, we are seeking to make followers of Christ. This morning we took our Student Council to serve breakfast at the Homeless Shelter and had a great time, I was thinking that our church should do this more, but how do we strike the balance? I don't want to get preachy, but also know our ultimate goal. Thoughts?

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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