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December 06, 2008


Erik Deckers


Hello from a fellow Hoosier. It sounds like you did something pretty great with your program. Not only is that an 80% response rate, but an 80% conversion rate. In direct mail terms, this puts you in the realm of direct mail superstars! ;-)

One caution though: the USPS gets very cranky when you put non-mail items in a mailbox, like letters. Or firecrackers. (But that's a whole 'nother story.)

I found your blog through a Google Alert on "direct mail," but I'll be sure to stick around and keep reading.

Erik Deckers
Indianapolis, IN

Doug Nolte

I have found that to get a response, you have to be direct, convienient and demonstrate the need.

For years we have asked the citizens in crime ridden neighborhoods to attend meetings to give them information on what happened, what they can do and protect themselves. We had terrible turnout, unless it was a child that was hurt or killed.

The common thought was that these people did not care enough unless they were affected. So one day I asked my boss, do you attend the meetings in your neighborhood? He quietly said, "no, not unless it is an emergency." I confessed, neither did I.

But we both realized that we were not dealing with disinterested citizens at all. Just busy ones, who had to take kids to church, provide dinner and in many cases were afraid to leave their homes at night.

So, we schemed a new method. Out with the old paradigm, in with a new one. We sent a police car down the neighborhood with lights and siren. Everyone comes out, wanting to know what is going on. We had officers walking the block to tell them we were going to have a meeting in the middle of the street for 10 to 15 minutes.

Those the first meeting we had, 18 people showed up from 16 out of the 20 homes on the block. Several who were curious and had not answered the door, stopped by to see why all their neighbors were out.

We accomplished in 15 minutes what we could never accomplish in an hour, with better attendence. The officers loved it too!

My point is in all this? We made some false assumptions. We thought people needed time to make arrangements to attend a meeting. We thought people were not interested.

We looked at the issue from another angle, then tried a new approach. It worked. . .

Seems that you have hit another angle on getting your neighborhood involved. In a larger sense, isn't that what the emergent church is doing as well. Jesus delights when we use our talents and gifts the Father has given us. . . That is the fruit of his ministry. He walked on the earth with a different paradigm. If one approach didn't work, he went with another.

Keep it up bro!

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