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June 22, 2009


Laura K

Very insightful!
As with most stage theories, I find myself able to relate to them all-even the ones I don't want to-and moving back and forth within them even within the same prayer, day, or week! :)


Hey Laura, thanks.
Hagberg says, and I agree, that we'll have symptoms of all the stages throughout the course of a day, but we operate most consistently out of a home stage. It does feel weird to read those beginning stages and realize I've displayed several of those characteristics already today. Yuck!

Doug Nolte

"Bam. . ." as Emeril would exclaim!

First, your contemplation of the other work to weave it to your own is very commendable.

I happen to be a Kansas junkie (music group) and Kerry Livgren in his day with them wrote "The Wall". The lyrics seem to give some additional insight to the Outward Journey.

But perhaps you shed light on my journey as a way of figuring out in the spiritual map of life, "you are here". I can understand why some might think you can identify with each stage, however you are dead on in the concept of a "home stage."

I operate in Stage Five right now. I can say that not in any form of "look at me" way, but there is a compassion that I have for people and that has become a driving force. Trust me, as I type this some might be tempted to think, "Nolte sure thinks he has it figured out!" But the reality is, I don't have anything figured out based on my life. Rather I have my place in my Father's Kingdom secured. That allows me to say, "gosh, don't have a clue about that."

There are some great conversational in roads here. This is non-threatening, door opening conversation into how a individual relates to God.

This is important stuff. I would love to see how you took the individual stages of the authors and blended it with your own thought.

Keep it up brother. Planning on being in Colorado in October, perhaps this could be the trip that I can connect in person!



Thanks Doug, I'm continuing to develop this stuff, so I'm glad you saw it as a beneficial tool. Exactly, it's meant to be a map.

I'd caution folks from trying to locate their spot on the grid too quickly, because my main objective is to simply provoke people to think and begin to ask questions about their identity and faith.

I'll see you in October.

Doug Nolte

In your assessment, have you considered giving the reader some tools to help place them into the grid?

I imagine that as you wrote this, you relied heavily on your placement by experience. While others such as I might be able to do so, is there a way to unpack that more?

I am running into to many people who are in the conundrum of figuring out where they are and what to do. I have attached a link to an article in our local paper the other day. give it a read and let me know what you think.


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