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March 27, 2022


Nathan DH

How well I know this experience. My family would come to colorado each summer to awe at "creation" and yet somehow had no relationship with creation herself--just the objectified and somehow also spiritualized idea of it. We loved it as an it.

One thing I don't really understand...I have a sense that those bible verses and hymns, when originally written, expressed something direct and holy, the kind of unfiltered rapture at beauty you were seeking to keep unmediated. But then those same expressions of the real somehow get taken up by a colonial culture and stripped of their raw truth until they become just another deadening tool of empire. I don't understand why or how that happens, but I think it's tragic. I think that's probably part of why centering prayer appeals to many of us exvangelicals though -- it gives us direct spiritual experience that shortcuts all the crap in our heads.

Anyways, this is really good.

Kimberley Lorden

It sounds like you were eating a meal and your mind went back to the menu. The menu is useful, it guides and hints and maybe records others' thoughts about the meal. But while you are savoring the meal, actually being nourished and fed and in fellowship with the feast-Maker, then a habitual hyper-focus on the menu can diminish the holiness of the gift of that moment.

I had to start in nature, and add poetry ("Diary of an Old Soul" by George MacDonald was helpful), classical music, and art. And then I prayed for life and Scripture to regain its mystery for me. Someone said, "To analyze something, you have to hunt it down and kill it and pin it to a board." I had done that with Scripture and Christianity until it felt dead to me.

I really think my brain had to heal. The part of my brain that could access God needed to be restored to life. I couldn't do it. Thank God, He did over time. He used Wellspring Church too -- sometimes we have to re-enter His presence through another door.

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